1. zachnesmithart:

    Ad card I made for our Halloween projection-mapping horror thrasher happening at Studio 1212 in Charlotte (NC) on October, 31st. Just spreading the word.

  2. flashcrackphoto:

    These old ones finally made it to light…

    3D photogrammetry project starring: Mike Morales, Danny Byron & Alex Bowers (You guys tag your blogs or something)

  3. flashcrackphoto:

    Alex & Amanda. 2014. Photogammetry project for video game…

    -Neesmith Onzeur/Zach Nesmith

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  5. billconnors:

    punk’s not dead (if you’re 13)

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  7. Good people just trying to keep the spiders in their place…

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  9. flashcrackphoto:

    Magy & Dvstin @ Major Showcase. Piss Mansion 2014

  10. Switchblade Sisters digging your grave